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i have a hyper 212 evo on my cpu, i just currently installed a coolermaster 120mm fan to the back of the case, after turning on my pc, my cpu fan keeps dropping from 1000 rpm to 50>40> and eventually zero on idle, temp usually runs 15-23C idle.
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  1. So i'm assuming the fan stops completely? Or is it just indicating 0rpm but the fan still spins. Download software called "speedfan" it can control the voltages of exterior fans. I use it to control 6 different led fans on my case. You can control RPM as well. It's obviously set to auto.
  2. fan doesnt stop, im assuming the censor is reading it wrong, since i have speed fan and hwmonitor, both show the fan going 1000+ rpm for a few minutes then randomly drops to 0 rpm for 1-2 seconds then goes back up.
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    Yeah just an off sensor or a miscommunication in the software. Nothing to worry about, happens all the time with certain programs. As long as it's spinning at a visibly high rate, it's doing exactly what it needs to. I have 2 Cooler master 120mms on my case myself and they do wonders for motherboard and CPU heat.
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