Buying an Alienware From US shipped to UK

Hey I heard all time here in UK Alienware is overpriced and they sure are. It's only now as I come closer to getting my goal and spending money (600 pound) that I checked. Alienware in US is like 20% cheaper, than Alienware in UK on the websites, which I know the whole VAT and stuff so it's a rip off.

However I wondering, if I go on for example, and buy an Alienware Laptop from the US, then it's no problem price wise, apparently I can't do it on Alienware website they won't do that.

I just want to know because the Laptop will be from the US, will I get any problems here in the UK? Like certain things not working things of that nature, thanks
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  1. You'll probably need an adapter for the wall outlet but besides that they're the same.
  2. dont buy an alienware just build your own or have a company build it and you will save money not to mention alienwares are a pain in the ass to work on.
  3. They are, and you will save a LOT of money building your own, but that's a different thread.
  4. Save your money and buy an Asus laptop instead.
  5. He's probably just getting it for the name tbh.
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    ewok93 said:
    He's probably just getting it for the name tbh.

    That is about all you do when you buy an Alienware anymore. Overpriced Dells is all they are now.
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