AMD A55 MoBo Upgrading CPU (A6-3670k)

I am getting a Radeon 7790 in a few days and I think my A6 may hold my system back so I was thinking to upgrade my CPU in the near future.

What CPU's would be worth the $ with this chipset?

MoBo- A55 AMD
GPU- Radeon HD 7790
CPU- AMD A6-3670K 2.7 GHz
RAM- 8GB DDR3 1333
Power- 500w
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  1. Athlon X4 750k
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    ronnietse said:
    Athlon X4 750k

    The Athlon X4 750k will work on the A55? I like the looks & price of that CPU but I'm paranoid about buying a CPU that won't work with the A55

    I'm not very experienced with building systems

    -Bob R
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