Second HD7770 or a single HD7950 or GTX660?

At the moment I am running a single Radeon HD7770 and am looking for an upgrade on a bit of a budget.
I can now buy a second HD7770 or a HD7950 or a GTX660. With the 7770 being quite cheap now, I wonder if the extra ~100 euro is worth it.
I have been reading that with crossfire you get quite an improvement of running a single card setup, so what would be the better choice? a second HD7770 or a single HD7950 or GTX660?
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    Just the 7950. Usually a single 7950 would get a little higher than the crossfire 7770, so minus all the crossfire heat and go with a single 7950
  2. Sell you 7770 and get 2 7850s
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