Windows 7 Fresh Install Slow System Response

Windows OS - Windows 7 64bit Home Premium
Motherboard - MSI 990FXA-GD65 v2
CPU - AMD Athlon II X4 640 (3.3 MHz)
Hard drive - WD 500GB SATA 2.5inch (5400 RPM)
RAM - G.SKILL ripjaw 8GB DDR3
Video - (PNY) Nvidia Geforce GTX 650
Network - Netgear WG111v3 Wireless G network adapter

So I have a problem that's really got me stumped. I rebuilt a PC about 6 months ago everything was bought new but I used my old HD and year old 750W PSU. Eveything was fine until recently, I suspected the hard drive was failing because of increased bad sectors and corrupt files so I decided to do a fresh install on my fairly new 2.5 inch drive. The reformat and installation went fine, no errors or signs of a problem. Loaded into Windows for the first time and bam everything is slow and everything I open is constantly not responding. The system locks up for up to 30 seconds. I haven't had a full blown crash, error, or BSOD but somethings obviously wrong. I've updated my chipset drivers, flashed the BIOS, updated my graphics drivers, network drivers, and Windows recognizes all of my hardware and RAM. I've run sfc /scannow, chkdsk, and windows repair from the disk, I've reseated the RAM, the CPU and heatsink and video card. I've checked all the power connections to the board and GPU, changed PCI-E slots, and I've switched to a different SATA port. I'm not getting an error on anything and all tests of memory, graphics, and the HD are optimal. I've also checked the bios and set all RAM/CPU settings for speed, frequency, and voltage to auto. I never had this problem in the original install and the only thing different is the hard drive but its overall response time and performance came back at 97% from speedfan test. This problem also started from the first boot after install, before any drivers were installed. Anyone have any new ideas of what this could be?
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    Do you hear some clicking sounds from inside of your cabinet,your hard disk to be more precise? If you do,that's what the problem is. Your HDD would be failing. You could do a test with HDD Tune Pro software to see if there are some bad sectors or communication errors with your HDD. Mine had the same problem,that it stopped responding frequently,but would work fine all other time. So my bet is,you should check your HDD for errors,and if any,must do something about it quickly as it may be the reason for you losing all your data.
  2. The original HDD that caused me to reinstall wasn't making any weird sounds but yeah it seemed like each week or every few days there was an increased number of bad sectors and corrupt files. The current HDD I used for the fresh install is one I yanked out my laptop. Bought it about a year ago, used it for a month, and its been sitting ever since. No weird sounds but I'll try Tune Pro. Probably should have mentioned the problem seems to almost disappear in safe mode. Give me a sec and I'll try that test.
  3. Well,if you detect some problem in that Tune Pro,I'd say its your HDD. But seeing that the problem disappears in safe mode,the probability of a software issue cannot be denied.Besides,you said the hard disk was taken out of a laptop. It's said the 2.5 inch drives are less responsive compared to the 3.5 inch drive. So that can also be the reason for your problem.
    If the less responsiveness of 2.5 inch drive is the problem,don't worry,it's common. Just make sure you put it safely in your case,instead of leaving it careless,to avoid damage of your drive.
  4. Okay so I'm getting a little attention mark next to interface CRC count error. It says current 200 and worst 200 so perhaps the count rose at some other time but has not worsened since? Either way I changed the Sata cable and still no change, very nice tool though. Any other ideas to help me narrow this down?
  5. Well,I'm sorry to tell this but I guess your Hard disk is not in the best of conditions. My HDD had the same problem. At first,there were no clicking sounds. But the Tune Pro detected the same 200 CRC count errors. That's some communication error as far as I'm aware of. But a few days later,my HDD began to make some clicking noise. After that I checked it with the Tune Pro to find out some Bad Sectors and I tried a software called HDD regenerator to fix it. But I didn't actually know how to use that. So it proved to be of no help at all. A little bit later,my system began to stay froze that it gave me frustration like hell. It was then I gave my HDD for warranty and they said they'd repair it let me check it out if there were still problems.I haven't got it yet,so I'm not sure if it has fixed things. Anyway,I'd suggest you take it to a technician or the shop for warranty,before you get it dead. And don't forget to back p your important data now,as it would seem hard if you let it go on for a little more.
    And,changing the cable or SATA port wouldn't be helpful,since I tried that and my efforts went down as failures... :)
  6. Okay so ran to Best Buy and got a new WD hdd, installing and updating everything now, so far no lock ups. Can't believe my 2.5 hdd was used for about a month and after not being used its become another paper weight >_<. Anyways thanks for the quick response and help because this was driving me crazy. ^_^
  7. Happy to know it helped. If you find my answer helpful,please don't forget to mark it as the solution. I'm a new guy here and would like to have support :)
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