Blue Startup Screen (0x000000ED)

Good day everyone, I have a problem running my desktop computer.
Today when turning on my PC ran this blue screen: (Windows XP, SP3) :

My PC does not run at all, I tried all the modes from the Safe Mode, TuneUp backup and others have been available, but always runs up the blue screen. It start immediately (blue screen) after loading Windows i.e. this screen:

On most sites I've found a solution that after inserting DVD with Windows it can be repaired through Recorvery Console by pressing R. But the problem is that my DVD with Windows does not boot at all. I tried to switch the BIOS Boot Priority and I threw the first CD / DVD rom drive and the second Maxtor (HDD), in this case the DVD with Windows boots up, but when you press [R] - Recorvery Console or [ENTER ] - I get this message :

Even before I tried to reinstall funcional Windows (only for cleaning) and I had the same problem (as indicated in the picture above) but the HDD is 100% correctly connected.

Thanks for any advice.
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    One possible solution I've see is Solution 1 – Set Your SATA Controller to Compatability/IDE/Standard Mode (in the BIOS) but not sure if that will help. Source:
    The solution above only applies if you are using a SATA drive.
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