Is my motherboard compatible with new video card?

I have an ASUS M4878 Plus motherboard with an AMD Athlon II X4 620 2600 MHz processor with 8 Gb of ram installed and a 700 watt power supply.

Will a SAPPHIRE HD 7790 1GB GDDR5 DUAL-X OC video card work with this motherboard? If so is this video card overkill - in other words will its performance be throttled by my processor?
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    nope you would be good to go. You can run a 7850 comfortably with a athlon/phenom II before there are any bottle necks, and even then a simple overclock will get it to run with a 7870 just fine, going nay higher though is where you might find a little bit of bottlenecking from the cpu.

    edit: and depending on how much you're paying for the 7790, you can find 7850's for just $10~ more
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