Which one is better i5 or i7 for heavy video editing and gaming

I plan to do heavy gaming on games like bf4, star wars the old republic, world of warcraft, dc universe online and minecraft. But I also plan to do some heavy video editing on premiere pro and rarely sony vegas. I already plan to get a decent graphics card (gtx 460 for gaming, gtx 670 for editing). I just need to find out which one is best, i5 or i7?
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  1. I7 since you are doing the editing.
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    If you look at their tech sheets you will easily find out that the i7 CPUs offer things like Hyperthreading and higher clocked cores. Just for gaming it won't be that much of a difference but when you start editing, hyperthreading and higher clocks come up.

    If you got the money, take the i7. Btw: A 460 is underpowered for HD gaming today, the 670 would be way better.
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