Overclocking AMD Phenom II x965 Black Edition.

Okay so I can find guides no problem to OC from the BIOs menu (to my knowledge the safest way to do it). I was curious on how much I could OC it for it to be beneficial and for me to notice a difference.

It runs at 3.4 ghz and I wanted to know a few things about it. First, if I overclock it to, let's say ~3.8, would an aftermarket CPU fan be a good investment? What about if I want to push it even more?
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  1. Hi,
    This is from my experience and readings:

    Sadly, this cpu won't show much performance after 3.6.

    @ 3.8 you need to put more voltage and it is difficult to get a stable oc.

    Not worth overclocking more than 3.6 ghz.
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    I used to run this CPU, and I definitely recommend using an aftermarket cooler for any overclocking you do to it, no matter how high you go. The stock coolers are designed to keep your CPU at a stable temp at the stock clock speed, but don't leave much room for the increased temps associated with overclocking. If you want to be able to overclock that processor as much as you're indicating, you will definitely need an aftermarket cooling setup. Whether you decide on air or liquid cooling depends on preference mostly, as I'm sure you'll find the same number of people that recommend each option for similar reasons.
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