Do I need a sound card?

First of all would I need a sound card to plus my headset into a self built computer?
And second of all which one should I get if I do need one?
I have a creative fatal1ty headset.
this is my computer that I want to build.
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  1. No. YOu Don't need one. I reccomend it for gaming IF you game with surround sound. I Use my sound card only for the optics line going into my reciever for when I play games. I have used on-board before. It works fine. I have seen issues with audio related tasks hogging cpu with on-board, but if you have an Athlon 2, you should be fine.
    If you ARE going to use on-board sound, I reccommend another board. This board has 1 audio out port. My board (MSI 785GT) multiple outputs.
  2. You do not need an additional sound card with that motherboard. The onboard sound quality will not be amazing, but it should be pretty good, definitely enough for a headset.

    Nice solid build there, should perform well.
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    Many motherboards have on-board sound. The motherboard in your part list does have stereo analog outputs and an analog input which can accommodate a headset with a 3.5mm jack for sound as well as a headset with both a 3.5 plug for a mic and one for the sound. Also, if you have a USB headset, they have built-in sound processing and there are USB connections on the board and case. Either way, you're set with that motherboard without an add-on audio card.

    When it comes to sound quality, that might be a different story depending on your expectations. Most sound processors on motherboards offer sound quality that's more than adequate for most people. When it's not, that's when people look for add-on PCI or PCIe sound cards.
  4. The motherboard's built in sound card isn't great. I reccomend purchasing a good sound card for the best possible gaming experience.
  5. I'd say try the motherboard's on-board sound processor. If you're not satisfied, drop some coin on a sound card. This way, if the provided sound gives you what you need, you can save the money for your next upgrade or whatever.
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