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My desktop blue screened and I had to reinstall win 7 and everything else. (Gave me something to do) So I have just bought a mainboard testing kit from Maplin, that includes a motherboard speaker, hoping that I would get some indication of the problem if it happens again. However - when I switch PC on it doesn't beep! checked settings at startup and cant find anywhere to turn it on. Anyone got any ideas. Couldn't work out if there was a correct way to fit it but noticed the speaker plug had an arrow on one end and there was a vey small arrow on motherboard - so put them together.
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  1. An easy way to test your beeper is to remove all memory, then power-up. It should beep signalling "problems with the memory".

    What is the kit you've bought? What is your motherboard?
  2. took memory out and get 3 beeps repeated.
    Asrock H77M
    Maplin main board testing switch set. Contents = power switch, reset switch, power led, hdd led, speaker.
    Thought it would be handy for next pc I build from scratch to test before installing in case
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    OK, now you knows that your beeper works ;)
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