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I have recently fallen in love with the Power mac g4 or g5 cabinet. And i was wondering if its possible to transfer my current build into that (its a windows build) my motherboard is atx.
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  1. It is possible, but not without heavy modding. Apple doesn't use any standard ATX design parts so you have to figure out how to mount the motherboard and everything else. Check this out:
  2. Given a rectangular box, sufficient skills, and sufficient imagination, anything is possible.
    It's been done several times before.

    I'm in the early design process of repurposing old stereo components into a couple of PC cases.
  3. Become one with the Dremel....Also, remember to measure twice and cut once.
  4. I'm not a very skilled pc builder. And i dont think i have the guts to play around with my 2k build. And i was wondering if theres any similar cases (white and slim) much like the g4.
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    This is sort of what you describe, but certainly not slim:
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