Radeon HD5870 in CROSSFIRE = good enough to run Battlefield 4 in ultra?


Is 2x radeon hd 5870 good enough to run battlefield 4 in ultra?
In battlefield 3 i have around 35-45 fps with one 5870!

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  1. Depends on your motherboard PCIe speed. I know 5870s are somewhat old but should do the job. As for BF4, yes. In crossfire they will do great. So ultra will run fine unless your motherboard PCIe slots are bad...
  2. You should do fine. just make sure you have catalyst 13.10
  3. Thanks guys :)
  4. Michelmoel said:
    Thanks guys :)

    Tried BF4 in my Asus G73jh with same graphics card. I think I smoked it.... updated Catalyst, played game for three minutes, and haven't had a successful boot since.... Rolled back drivers, still no dice.

    Thoughts are welcome---getting ready to brick this thing if I can't figure it out...
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    Kind of an old thread but there is no way you can play ultra. I have fx 6300 @ 4.6ghz and crossfire 5870s @ 950x1340 and can averaege 40-60fps on medium, ultra is like 5fps
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