6 pin (not 6+2) psu cpu connector to an older 4 pin MB connector

i have a dell dimension 4700 the old psu utilizes a 4 pin cpu MB connector i recently aquired a corsair cx430 psu only it has a 6 pin (NOT a 6+2) are the pinouts the same, could i just plug that in or would i need an adapter, or does that not seem feasible at all?
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  1. Its easy to mix these up because they are basically the the same thing.

    The 6 pin power connector is the PCI-e power connector, it has 3 12volt leads(yellow) and 3 grounds (black).

    The PSU must have a 4 or 4+4 pin CPU connector. This connector has 4 12volt leads(yellow) and 4 grounds (black). The connector looks the same but the shape of the keying on the pins is different so it wont fit.
  2. bad on newer power supplys look at the eight pin eps cable. that cable is the one you want to use.some of these cables have clips on them to break them into two four pin cables. if not just use 1/2 of the eight pin.
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    This webpage has a good explination with photos.
  4. that did it i feel silly now it WAS a 8 pin that splits in two for the cpu i must have just glanced at it. either way thanks guys :)
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