Best Full-Tower case for i5 3570k gaming rig?

Ty for reading, btw sorry for the english, not native :).

This community has help me get (by hours of researching) the insight of the rig I want to build (it will be my first). I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I want a Gaming Station to play with my friends when they come to visit. I want it to be an investment not only for gaming, but to practice with Adobe Software like Photoshop or AfterEffects (a hooby I've never fulfilled). I want it to support 3D-gaming and put some emulators (PS2/Wii/Xbox); my principal games are Starcraft 2 and WOW, but I'm planning on investing in some other good and "newer" games. I want it to last for a long run just upgrading components, so... I think thats it.

After all the reading (and budget analyzing) I've come to this components:

CPU - i5 3570k
Mobo - Asus P8-Z77 1155
GPU - Radeon 7850 / 7870 (I'm still deciding... probably will invest in the 7870; and probably will expand to 2 GPU's)
RAM - 8 / 16 gb (not so much choice here in México, so... Whichever I found?)
Monitor - LGTV LA61 3D
HDD - I want to put 3 HDD, probably 1 will be solid... But will start with 1 of 500 GB probably.

So... I think I'm missing PSU (probably 700w would fit?) and the case (that is being a big headache). In the rest of the components, its been "easy" because of all the helping answers in this community, but I haven't found really long-insighted answers in what features should I search in the cases... so... Help? Also, should I buy extra fans for the case? How much ventilation should I need?

(My budget is flexible, but I also want to save because I will buy it and began to build it in a 4 months run... probably $100-200?)
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  1. If looking for a full tower, I like the HAF cases, might look at the 932 for starters and look up from there
  2. I think I might get the Phantom 410 tower:

    Its hyper-sexy XD Plus it has 2x usb 2.0 and 2x usb 3.0 in the front. Also, I think the bays are enough for me (I plan to putting up to 3 HDD and 1 SSD in the 6 existing bays of 3.5, and plan to put a CD/DVD and a Blu-Say burners on 2 of the 3 5.25 bays... Any suggestion what to put on the other bays?)

    The only concern I have is if it can hold 2 GPU's (like 2 7870 maybe?), and all the other elemental stuff (mobo, fans, etc) un there... Any suggestion?
  3. Should have no problems, if it hold your mobo it can take the GPUs ;)
  4. TY a lot :D
  5. Let us know how it goes
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    I agree with Tradesman1, as long as it will fit your motherboard you will be fine. Personally I'm a big fan of mid size towers as they provide enough space for not only all your components, but also room for ventilation. On this note, I suggest getting an extra 140mm fan, especially if you go with two GPUs. The cooler the system the better.

    About PSU. Personally I like Cooler Master or Corsair, and anything about 650w should do the trick, knowing you're going to add a second GPU later. Look here:

    One last note, you can get a few free games depending on which AMD video card you get: :D

    Hope the above helps you!
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