Does PC gaming work/look good using a TV?

Hello all, basically the title sums up my question, do PC games' (including the graphics) look as good/clear or even work well through a TV as they do through a monitor?

I'll be using a TV regardless for consoles and other devices but I've heard mixed results using a monitor for PC games. Some say it should never be done, others say it's great. :??:

Also, would I need a specific type of TV or setting to see in-game text and whatnot clearly
enough? Is it easy to set up or are there alot of technical problems?

And likewise, will using a console through a PC monitor work/look good as well?

If using a TV for PC is a no go and consoles work through monitors, are there any good monitors I can buy seperately that measure up to the size of larger TV's? The TV I'm using now is about 15 inch (Horizontal) by 27 inch (vertical) screen. The monitor doesn't have to be that exact measurement, but something close to it is the ideal choice for my gaming area.
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  1. I game on TVs all the time. It looks fine to me and it's cost effective. Be sure to use only a 1080p, however. You're right though. Others will shortly tell you it's sacrilege.
  2. There is usually a difference in resolutions. The higher the resolution, the better the picture.
  3. Other than input lag (response time isn't always indicative of this) and the fact you are stretching 1080p over a huge display, not really any better or worse. If you plan on sitting back from it or using a controller, no difference.
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