Reformating Lenovo y500 from windows 8 to 7 need help

I just recently bought a lenovo y500 which had windows 8 already installed on it. So i also bought a 64bit version of windows 7 to reformat it. i got the disk to find that this lenovo has no disk drive, so i think no problem i will boot it off a flash drive. After hours of trying and finally get it to recognize and boot off a flash drive using a program called rufus v with it set to MBR partition for BIOS or UEFI computers to make the flash drive bootable. So i go though the window 7 install prompts till i get to the point where you must select a drive to install on and find that this laptop is partitioned into about 6 sections. Seeing that one is labeled window 8 i delete it and try to install on the newly free segment to find that the hard-drive is GPT formatted not MBR formatted and am forced to quit out of the install. i attempted several more times, reformatting the flash drive with the GPT formatting settings and nothing worked.

Here is the laptop
and the OS

i have dumped about ten hours into trying to fix this.....
Please help me before i throw the laptop out my window and then get carting into an insane asylum, like Eric Cartman's nanny from south park.
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  1. ITS A MIRACLE!!!!!!
    it worked
    and the reason it was not bootable is utterly ridiculous
    one of the setting to the self contained program rufus was to check for bad sectors if left unchecked i will not be recognized by the lenvo y500

    but thanks for the help blackbird, but windows 7 usb/dvd download tool for seem to be broken being unable to transfer any files. At least that was the case for me
  2. Glad to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Guide to Reformatting Lenovo y500 laptop via flashdrive

    1. Obtain a copy of windows 7 in iso format

    a. if it is a tangible dvd of windows 7 get a free dvd to iso converter online for instance DVDFab

    2. get a usb flash drive of 4gb or larger and plug it into a functioning computer

    3. go to
    and get the program rufus. which does not need any installation

    4. launch Rufus as administrator
    with these setting assuming you fine with MBR over GPT formating

    the settings are as followed

    Partition Scheme: MBR parttition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers

    File System: NTFS

    Cluster Size: 4096 bytes (default)

    any new volume label

    have all of the boxes checked INCLUDING CHECK FOR BAD BLOCKS with 1 pass

    Mount the iso of windows 7 and press start
    (this will take about 10-20min)

    5. While that is formatting and copying turn the lenovo laptop on and press F2 as the logo is show on the screen to access the bios

    6. change the setting in the boot menu to LEGACY SUPPORT , LEGACY FIRST, and USB BOOT ENABLED then go to the exit menu and change the OS OPTIMIZATION to OTHER OS. just to be safe make sure secure boot is off in the security tab. save and exit the BIOS. then shut the lenovo off

    7. when DONE is displayed in the lower left corner of the Rufus program click exit and eject the usb flash drive

    8. plug the USB flash drive into the lenovo y500 Laptop and then turn the lenvo laptop on. it may take few tries booting the Lenovo with the flash drive but when the window 7 installation screen appear continue to the next step.

    9. go through the prompts until you get to the point where it asks you to choose a installation drive. There will be around 6 partitions of the same drive. to install the MBR format of windows 7 you will need to delete all of the drives using the additional options button then click on the 1Tb of unallocated space and click install.

    10. from here you just follow as prompted by the installation until you restart and finish the installation (this part can take a few minutes). then you have a fresh copy of window 7 installed.

    11. you will need to go through the important updates for windows and obtain the proper drivers from the lenovo website here

    12. celebrate having finish installing window 7 and having functioning drivers. and be happy you avoided hours of agony getting no where
  4. I registered just to say: Zygodactyl's solution worked for me

    Additionally, I had to format my drives according to this tutorial:

    I followed the instructions exactly (Option #3), with two differences:
    1) I selected drive 1 (the 1Tb drive) because drive 0 (the SSD) is not big enough
    2) I set my second partition ("Windows 7") to 40gigs (size=40960)

    Note that you do have to download the drivers prior to formatting, or from another PC, as by default, windows 7 will not detect anything, including your wireless card
  5. As I had the same problem not long ago, with a z500 Lenovo laptop I thought that maybe somebody could be interested in the solution that worked perfectly for me.
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