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First time watercooling. Please advise me on my loop.

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October 8, 2013 3:04:25 PM

Hi, below is an image showing the custom loop I'm looking to build.

The stars indicate where I'm going to put temperature sensors. 1 before the components and 1 after.
The Aquaero will be water cooled to manage/control the sheer number of fans in the system. I'm hoping to chain all fans onto this unit.
The 690 TDP is 300w (600w in total) The 3770k seems to vary between 77w and 95w, depending on where you read. Lets assume the higher figure. Not sure what the TDP of the Aquaero 5 XT is. So lets just roughly pitch the total TDP as 700w.

I already have this hardware in my current air cooled system:

    Corsair 900D
    Sabertooth z77
    16GB Corsair Vengance RAM
    2 x GTX 690
    i7 3770k
    Seasonic Platinum 1000w PSU

Parts I'm intending to buy, once the experts have cast their eye ;) 

    Hardware Labs Black Ice 480 rad and 360 rad
    XSPC Twin D5 Dual Bay Reservoir/Pump Combo 2x Laing D5 pumps in series
    Corsair SP120 fans for the rads.

My questions are:

Does the loop make sense?
Will the 2x Laing D5 pumps provide enough flow?
Will the rads in the loop cool all this gear and allow room for overclocking?
I can't make my mind up on Bitspower or Monsoon compression fittings?
Any advice on tubing to use?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I really appreciate any further advice. :) 
October 9, 2013 3:51:00 AM

1. Yes
2. I think they would, especially if you put the 690's in parallel to each other.
3. Not sure, you will want to do the TDP calculations (compare TDP of what your cooling to your rads capabilities).
4. Get whichever you like the look of.
5. I use PrimoChill Primoflex Advanced LRT.

Spending $225 on a fan controller, paint me a bit skeptical but I think you might be wasting your money there.
You really don't have to spend that much for a knob that can make a fan go up and down :p
Nor does it need water-cooling, this will do fine. 30W is enough to power 4-5 fans accommodating for peak power use at start-up, and that controller has six 30W channels.