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I need to buy a external hard drive which is fast at transferring files with 500GB or 1TB reasonable priced £50-70. Also what do I need to look out for in terms of features, speed, anything else?

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    The ones to look for are USB 3 external drives, and I would suggest either Seagate or Western Digital (the latter are very good, but a bit more expensive.) I have a basic Seagate 1TB drive, which I got for around £60, I think. Some drives have lots of 'features' , eg backup/ NAS/wireless. but you pay more for these, and they are not always as useful as they sound. Go for a good basic drive. If it is a 'Green' drive, it usually means it's slower. Get a 7200 RPM one.
    Just to add - don't get a portable one if you want to do a full system backup, as not all of these will allow this. Better a desktop External HDD for this.
  2. Which model of Mac do you have? A USB 3 drive will be pointless on all but the more recent models. A firewire drive would be the choice with an older Mac.
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