AMD Radeon R9 270X vs. Sapphire HD 7950

Hello everyone.

I just, literally, ordered a Sapphire HD 7950 3GB this morning for $200 and AMD just announced the prices for the new AMD Radeon R9 270X, and I literally **** myself.

Now can anyone tell me if I should keep my HD 7950 order or if I should cancel it. I need to know if the 7950 is still a good buy or not. Thanks.
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    According to the article published on here last night, the R9 270X is basically a rebadged 7870. The 7950 you ordered is more powerful.

    The article in question:,3635.html

  2. Yup that leaves me to wonder why I didnt see a 7950 in those benchmarks because the 270x and 7950 are literally the same price!
  3. The 7950 doesn't have an equivalent R9 yet, it's in the middle of the 280X (7970) and 270X (7870).
    There's some speculation that a 280(no X) will be released which is basically the 7950.
    Other than that, you've still got a great price for the 7950 and they are great cards. I run my ICEq 7950 at 1020MHz @ 1.1v, 6000MHz mem and it's very cool and quiet, rarely getting above 65C.
  4. The R9 270x is based on the Pitcairn architecture which is what 7850 and the 7870 were based on. The 7950 should perform slightly better than the 270x.
  5. How did you find a 7950 for so cheap? I'm only finding $400+
  6. jb0nez said:
    How did you find a 7950 for so cheap? I'm only finding $400+

    I'm assuming AMD has stopped production and now the prices go up with fewer left on the market.
  7. jb0nez said:
    How did you find a 7950 for so cheap? I'm only finding $400+

    That was back in October way before the whole bitcoin craze affected market prices. I got my xfx 7950 off ebay for only $179 shipped.
  8. The bitcoin craze is in geek circles only. Ask your average gamer and they won't know or care. I can't imagine the small percentage of people using it for coin mining would eliminate the market supply of 79xx and r9 cards, which are selling for $100 or not above MSRP. My speculation is that they're having supply problems....
  9. might wanna research the bitcoin/litecoin other alt coin sites - they are booming with members joining by the thousands! There are many articles detailing how the boom has wiped out the AMD GPU market - as AMD cards are better miners than the NVIDIA counterparts! It also directly correlates with the steep increase in price for certain AMD GPUs that are known to be especially effective mining cards (ie. the HD 7950)!

    Heck I picked up a couple of HD 5870s back in Aug or Sep for $95 each. Now they are selling for $150 and up used on ebay!
    HD 7950s have been selling for near new prices ($300-400 depending on the specific card). I bought one from Newegg back in October for aroun $220! It's crazy!
  10. Fascinating links, thank you! All this time I just thought "litecoim" was a Bitcoin Miner app itself. I never really looked into it. I still find it hard to believe a company capable of producing units in the millions (than you TWSC) would have their entire supply decimated by coin miners. But that appears to be the case! AMD's newer cards are selling faster than they can make them. I could give a rat's a** about mining, considering the insane $/kWh where I live, I just want an upgrade to my 6950 that would run bf4@2560x1440 on my OC'd 4.5ghz i5-3670k! (Preferably AMD, but at this point I'll take whatever)..
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