Missing 2560x1440 resolution with ASUS PB Series PB278Q and Sapphire 7970 13.9/13.11 drivers

I have a ASUS PB Series PB278Q and Sapphire 7970. I had 13.8 drivers and was able to run 2560x1440. I was having issues with Battlefield 4 loading and some forums mentioned that I need beta drivers. So I update to 13.11 and have lost my 2560x1440 resolution. I download the 13.9 drivers and was unable to recover my monitor's resolution. I'm going to try and re-install 13.8. I am using a compatible DVI cable.
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  1. Solved the problem. Uninstalling Catalyst drivers was not enough. I selected my monitor in devices and uninstalled my automatic update video driver, my screen went black and I reset my computer. On reboot, automatic updates re-installed the driver and then I installed Catalyst 13.11. Success!
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