Need networking plan for house and outbuilding

I have a two story home with a detached building that is approximately 250' from my home.

My cable internet service enters my home at the end opposite the building.

I currently have a Motorola SB6141 cable modem that feeds to a Linksys router (model unknown) in the basement. That router is hard wired to a Netgear router on the second floor of the house.

That arrangement works reasonably well, but there are some spots in the house that do not have coverage. The linksys router has an annoying problem of messing up connections to certain websites occasionally. It won't be able to resolve to Google for example. I have tried to fix this on several occasions, but nothing seems to work.

Also, I do not have any coverage in the outbuilding.

What I want, or at least have in mind, is the following:

Replace both current routers.
Add a third, hardwired to the one attached to the modem, at the end of the house nearest the outbuilding.
Add one in the outbuilding, hardwired to the third one via an underground feed. I believe that I should be ok with regard to distances, etc.

What I want to know:

1) Is this a reasonable plan?
2) What routers would be a good choice? I'd prefer to use something reasonably easy to configure and maintain.
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  1. for large homes look into small biz routers that are higher raidio power then small home units. or use a small biz router and one or two small ap that repeat inside the home. for the outside of the home your better off picking up outside ap unit. (most of them are just a small board and powered from inside from your router).
    then in the outhouse use a high powered usb dongle to get back to the house.there are online mod that show how to use a ap and some parts to get long range wifi with coffee cans.
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