thermaltake tr2 600w with an EVGA SuperClocked GeForce GTX 760

This is my first build, and I was wondering if this power supply was compatible with this video card. The video card says it requires 30 amps on a rail of +12v, and the PSU that i already bought has 2 +12v rails, I'm not sure if you can combine the rails to make a total of 43 amps for the video card.

NOTE: I chose the 600 watt power supply, not the 430 or the 500 watt.


Video Card:
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  1. No. That's an overrated, near-junk PSU. It may be good for 400W, but much more than that likely gets electrically noisy and/or runs the risk of killing it, either of which could damage attached components. It's better than an Apevia, Logisys, or Diablotek, but not enough to make me even consider using one.
    The Antec VP-450 would be a good budget choice. For a step up, go with a 520W-550W Seasonic or XFX (the latter is built by Seasonic).
    Edit: Regardless of the claimed wattage of the unit you bought, the old TR2's are obsolete, inefficient, and overrated. I would not count on any of them to provide more than 60% of what is on their label, especially cleanly.
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