What memory speeds? and is there any difference in types of ram?

So as you can tell I have 2 questions. The first is memory speed I saw some on sale on amazon with high speeds, and I plan on using the integrated graphics on the I5-4670k, but then get a 770, so should i get high speed ram (2133 mhz) or slower (1600-1866 mhz)? For my second question I want to know if getting ram that is "optimized for fourth gen cpu's" make a difference to regular ram. Here are some options I was thinking of.
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  1. Any of those 4 will work, but don't believe the 'optimized' for Haswell, 2 of the sets have been around for a long time, and while the other two (vengeance Pro are newer sets (1600/9 is considered entry level, and 1866/9 just a little better) - performance DRAM at 1600 is generally CL 7 or 8, and at 1866, CL8 is considered performance....
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    If you are going to use your rig mostly for gaming, 1600 is more than enough.
    You won't really see or notice real world gaming difference between 1600 and 2400 with a 770 GPU in gaming.
    Unless you are going to use it for benchmarking purposes, then you will notice the differences in numbers.
    If you are going to use the integrated graphics, then maybe you'll notice 1-3% difference.
    I would suggest to focus on the size of the RAM and/or the CL instead of the frequency for gaming.
  3. Didn't see anything about gaming, but talking real world, Other than gaming higher freq often plays in performance wise, and you can most definitely see a difference
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