Is the WD My Book 3TB USB 3.0 a good HDD?

I have been wanting to get an external HDD lately and newegg is having a sale on the WD My Book for $99, is it worth the money? I don't need one right now, should I wait and see if there is any other sales later on?
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  1. Never trust an external HDD, they will run fine for some time and then will fail out of nowhere. Get an internal HDD instead.
  2. Don't worry I will be getting a 2tb internal soon also. This is just to back it all up
  3. Perfect answer!
  4. HDD price drops fast nowadays, so if you do not need it now, you do not need to buy it now. Wait a while you will see better deals.
  5. Good advice, especially with Black Friday and Christmas sales approaching.
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