Need help diagnosing problem with recent games

Hi Folks, gone back to play a few games I used to be able to play just fine and now they're crashing. The games are Rift, Star Trek Online and DC Universe Online.

I'm running Win 7 on a Intel Xeon X340 @2.8GHz, 8GB of DDR3 @660Mhz, MoBo is EVGA P55 SLI E657, Video is a EVGA Geforce GTX 295 with 8gb of Video RAM, Standard on board audio.
The system was custom built about 3.5 years ago

All of these games have played fine in the past now they play 5-30 minutes and then hard crash, I have to power down my computer and restart.

Don't have any problems running Total War Shogun 2, Titanquest and Torchlight 2, but I think those programs are a little lighter load. Ran anti-virus, tried to keep my registery clean and drivers updated, but still having crashes.

I'd appreciate any hints, do you think it could be a power supply issue?
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  1. I have a beefy-ass machine and games are instantly crashing on me too, i have a 750 watt power supply but ive been told on here that its enough.
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