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I've used Windows 8 multiple times and enjoy its experience and metro-UI. My question is I am building a gaming desktop and was wondering whether I should get Windows 7 or 8 due to the fact that maybe some games can't play correctly on 8!?!?! Please help

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    There is absolutely no difference between Windows 7 and Windows 8 when it comes to gaming.
  2. actually windows 8 has more problems. one of my freinds brother had windows 8 as a laptop with top specs but it couldnt load splinter cell blacklist wheareas when my freind has windows 7 with lower specs, it runs smoothly. windows 8 is RUBBISH. Just get windows 7 ultimate 64bit. it may be pricey but its 8 is cheap since its practically unusable. infact MSDOS is more usable.
  3. Well
    If you looking to play BF4
    The beta ran better with a windnows 8 machine

    There was people saying they had very low FPS with Win7
    And things were a lot better after upgrading to Win8

    Of course this was the beta (which was a few months old build)
    And they most likely would optimise it better with Win7 on release
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