I have to find the name of that game

Hi there, hope you can help me. There is a game that i played on the PC which i cant remember his name. I played the game on around 1998-2005. I dont remeber the exact year so it may not be correct. The game is a third person shooter and you play as a woman and fight against some sorts of gangs. Durning the game there were leves that you could play as a man who coop with the woman/ The man used a shutgun. when your partner fainted you could lift him upon your shoulders and heal him. The game took place in the present, it wasnt futuristic or something like that. One more thing i can clearly remember is that the desktop's icon of that game was a footprint of a dog. This game is driving me crazy, i couldnt find it anywhere, so i will be glade if you guys can help me figure it out. thanks
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    Sounds like Urban Chaos(1999) PC
  2. Holy Shit you right!! thanks alot!!
  3. No problem, glad I could help!
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