which will run better run on my PC sapphire ATI radeon HD 6670 OR power color HD 5570 ?

my pc configration as follows

core2duo E4500 2.20 ghz
intel DG33BU DDR2 motherboard
pci express *16
PSU 450W
Window 7 ultimate
32 bit OS
currently i m using board internal 256 G ram

and i want 2 run heavy games like
battlefield 3, sleeping dogs, nfs MW etc.........

also my cpu doesn't have a 6pin connector!!!!!!!
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  1. What power supply (PSU) do you have?

    You may be able to play games on the lowest settings
  2. Best answer
    Get nvidia gt620 2gb @rs 3200
  3. Request your inputs pls

    Hi, I have dg33bu motherboard with dual core Intel processor. Pls refer to system config mentioned in above URL.

    I want to connect my 40'inch LCD thru HDMI port hence want to install a new gpu. I am lookin for following:

    1. Normal HDMI port
    2. Audio over HDMI
    3. Medium gaming (I m not a very heavy gamer)
    4. Minimum possible cost with high value (not cheapest)
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