Phenom II X4 965 BE with GTX580 + GTX460 for Physx or GTX580 SLI

Hello Everyone

I come here because i wanna do a GPU upgrade and have a lot of doubts.

Now, i have this equipment :
-- Phenom X4 965 BE
-- Arctic cooling CPU Freezer XTREME Rev. 2
-- Asus M4N98TD EVO (PCIE2.0)
-- PNY GTX580 standard
-- ZOTAC GTX460 as Physx (my old GPU)
-- 4x2GB DDR3 1333 cl7
-- SSD 120GB
-- SATA2 HD 500 GB
-- Corsair TX850W
-- LG 24"

I found a new GTX 580 cheap, so i bought it, but i'm not sure if i did well.

I have a 440 W of max consumption with my current config and i sure that with a GTX580 SLI will go to 700 W or less and my PSU will be not a problem. Will be my first SLI config. My current display has 1680 x 1050 resolution.

So, my doubts are:
1 - will be bottleneck between my CPU and 2xGTX580 SLI?
2 - If there is a bottleneck, Physx enabled on one of these GPU can help to lower the CPU load and reduce the bottleneck?
3 - As i read, is possible enable Physx on a SLI configuration keeping the SLI, without dedicate one GPU only to Physx. right?
4 - Add another GTX 580 will not be a great improvement, 2xGTX580 SLI vs GTX580+GTX460Physx , will better try sell the new GTX580 and recover the money?
5 - If the 2xGTX580 SLI is not a good upgrade, go to a GTX 660Ti using my old GTX 460 for Physx is better, 2xGTX580 SLI vs GTX660Ti+GTX460Physx

I really appreciate your help and advices.
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    A pair of GTX 580s in SLI will help you in all games and will deliver better performance in PhysX games over a single 580 + 460 PhysX.

    I wouldn't worry too much about bottlenecking. Its not a precise thing in the first place and depends on the game usually. In any event, its a good problem to have and means you get to play around with higher settings to eliminate it.

    With the 580 SLI, you can just set PhysX to "Auto" in your control panel, and that will maintain the SLI and use both cards for PhysX. Much better performance than dedicating a whole card to PhysX and just leaving you with one working GPU for graphics. With an Nvidia GPU you should have no CPU usage that comes as the result of PhysX processing.

    So bottom line, a pair of GTX 580s in SLI is a real good combination and will put you up into top-end performance territory. Having two cards in SLI is better than a single card + a dedicated PhysX card. Of course, you might be able to get all three cards running, 580s in SLI + 460 PhysX. Just a thought.
  2. My question with more doubts was "2xGTX580 SLI vs GTX660Ti+GTX460forPhysx" , because the 580s have a huge power consumption, but i think i could pay my electricity bill.
    Have 580s in SLI + 460 PhysX would be great, but my motherboard have not enough slots, to have all GPUs I need buy a new motherboard, a new cpu (my current cpu is AM3) and a new psu with more watts, minimun 1200W.

    Thanks a lot for your advice, tomorrow i will receive the new GTX580 and i'll do some tests to see how much improvement my current settings, for now i'm using games with moderate GPU load (Natural selection 2, Diablo 3, CS GO, Starcraft 2 ...) so what benchmark do you recommend to me? Heaven? PassMark?
  3. I forgot to ask you which PhysX games you play. None of those listed use PhysX. The idea is that, basically, a 580 and a 660 Ti are identical in performance. Adding a second 580 will nearly double your performance across all games, but adding a 460 for PhysX will increase your performance roughly 25% in only PhysX games. The rest of the time the 460 will be sitting there using power and generating heat with no benefit while you game on a single card.

    Unigine Heaven is a very good benchmark and a free download.
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