New Gpu for bf4

Hi I'm looking to replace my 560ti (oc950mhz), mainly to play bf4. My budget it aprox £250.
thanks I hope to here from you all soon
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  1. That should get you a Radeon HD 7970, as long as your PSU has enough juice, or a EVGA GeForce GTX 760 SC which is abit cheaper.
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    Wait for the new AMD cards to be available.

    BF4 is supposed to use Mantle, AMD's new API that will give developers better access to the hardware. We don't know if it will be successful or not, but its sure to give better performance in BF4.
  3. Wait for the Radeon HD R9-270X or 280X to launch. BF4 is coded for AMDs GCN cores............
  4. My HD7950 OCed 960 is fine 60+ fps highest in 80s on ultra settings.
  5. Hi thanks everyone, I was thinking about this 1 (its in their today only £225) not £260
    let me know what you think
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