BF4 Beta Loadout Problems.

Hey everyone, ok I've been playing alot of the domination game mode on BF4 Beta and I have unlocked everything to be unlocked in the beta. But say if I go play conquest on the full size map, everything resets except my level. I lose all my loadout.
My PC is great is bf4 and runs fine, don't know if this is a bug or my fault?
Thankyou :)
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    I am not sure if it is a bug or intended but it is happening to others also.
    Maybe the final product will have this, but I doubt it, because it would irritate people.
  2. ya! ohwell, I like dominatioin better anyway
  3. To this day battlefield 3 constantly resets my loadouts, it's gotten to the point that I hardly play just because I know I will have to redo it every time. It seems that they have the same issue in BF4 and for what ever reason they do not want to fix it. I hope that it eventually works for you or the fix the issue but prepare yourself for having to reset your loadout every time you play the game.
  4. In BF4 you can set your loadout in battlelog, and it will then use those when you play online, rather than the loadouts saved locally.
  5. I set my loadouts in batllelog anyway
  6. Thanks I hope so too :~(
  7. Remember bf4 is still in beta, and the code is an earlier version than what they already have. I think they will probably fix this before release. I have never lost my loadout in bf3 until a patch more than a year ago. Now it only happens if there is heavy lag, but after that the loadout comes back so it isnt permanent.
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