Is an i3 Intel Cpu compatible with a radeon HD 6990

Recently, I received a card from a friend of mine and I checked my motherboard and it is compatible.I want to install it but I'm scared that my CPU won't be able to handle it.Please
help really desperate and just to note my current card is a dead end NVDIA GEFORCE 8400GS which is utter crap for gaming and I would like to know if the radeon 6990 causes problems on windows 7
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  1. I would be more concerned with your power supply than the CPU. Even if it bottlenecks some, if your current video card is pretty poor or you are on IGP, you will se a vast improvement in gaming performance.
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    Yes it will be fine on an i3, although a bit overkill.

    As above, you will need a pretty beefy PSU for that, at least 650-750w good branded.
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