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hi i need to buy a laptop for college, but i want one that's also good for gaming. in my price range i found this 3 laptop builds, wich one is better for gaming(BF4)?

1-worst processor
Intel® Core™ i7 3537U
6/8 GB of ram DDR3
Nvidia 740M

2-worst ram
Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ
4/6 GB DDR3
Nvidia 740M

3-worst graphic card
Intel® Core™ i5-???? QM
6/8 GB DDR3
nvidia 710M
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    #2 because RAM is the easiest thing to upgrade yourself in the future.


    "U" model CPUs are for low power consumption which means compared to a "M" or "QM" model CPU + whatever GPU, gaming performance will likely be lower.

    At least 99% of all laptops do not allow you to upgrade the GPU. There are specific models to do but the cost over $1,400. Additionally, laptop GPUs (MXM format) are not sold to the general public. Finding one can be difficult which translates into being expensive as well.
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