I need help choosing the right graphics card for me

I have had an GTX 660 for about 4 months now. It decided to break on me over the weekend. Of course EVGA wont do any warranty on it since the dumb sticker with the
serial number is gone and I cant find my box. I am not a huge gamer that cares about rps and all that. I just want to play my games about medium settings. My buget is 100 and under. I have been looking at GTX 640 or radeon 7750. Also found an GTX 650 refurbished for under an 100 and my local best buy has an xfx radeon 7770 on clearance for 110. What would be my best bet? I dont play a lot online. Thanks. I know they all fit my current set up.
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  1. Also most of them I am looking at are 2gb. The xfx 7770 is 1gb. Should I not even mess with an1gb ggraphics card?
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    i have a msi 7770 with 1GB and played black ops 2 on max settings if you want something at 100 and want 2 GB check this out
    the 7770 will preform better than the 640
  3. John thanks for the reply. Question is if I buy an 1gb will I regret that in the near future do to games using more then 1gb to play the game. Thats my biggest concern. Is asus a good brand?
  4. asus is the best brand in manufacturing motherboards.the first in the list.
    if you give me your computer configuration i can tell you if your computer can handle a better graphics card in the future.
    memory size is not the only thing to consider when buying a graphics card.the 640 has 2 gb ddr3 the 7770 has 1gb gddr5.
    gddr5 is way faster than ddr3.
    when you play a game all the textures fill up that video memory.
    the higher the texture quality and resolution you chose,the more memory you will need.
    the faster you can transfer data from the video ram to your gpu,better performance you will have.
    if you don't have a good possessor even if you get a gxt titan you wont be able to be benefited by the full performance.
    with a 7770 you will be able to play recent games at medium to high settings and you will have a benefit of at least 35 % more than the 640
  5. 850 watt power supply
    Amd phenom ii x4 black edition 3.4 over clocked to 3.8 quad core
    500gb hd
    Biostar a880g+ amd motherboard
    8gb ripjaws ram
  6. you can even stick a 650 ti in there without bottlenecking the cpu don't go above that.

    what ever you buy ,buy it for your needs and your budget.
  7. Thats the one I went with. Thanks for all your help.
  8. no problem my fiend ;)
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