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Hey guys i'm planning to build a gaming pc in the next few days ...but I'm stuck between the Gigabyte's GTX 770 OC Windforce 3X and the R9 280X ,, so should I get the gtx 770 or wait for R9 280X ???
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  1. lol christ man just look at the front page and it has the review on the card in mind. I would wait for the asus direct II r9 280X it beats the gtx 770 in alot of popular games, and its 100 $ cheaper. So with that I would buy a good psu to overclock my cpu with ;)
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    Ehhh, both cards compare very evenly. The AMD is $100 cheaper which gives it a big advantage at the moment until Nvidia price drops their 770's. I still don't like AMD's drivers though. If it was me faced with this decision, I would still pay an extra dollar for the Nvidia product since the drivers tend to more stable, their cards run cooler, quieter, and use a bit less power. It's all brand preference really when it comes between these 2. Both cards will perform on average within 1% of each other which means you won't see a difference in most games out there between the 2.
  3. It really depends on both your budget and what sort of games you'll be wanting to play. For instances, with AMDs new cards they have Mantle, this allows the GPU to talk directly to the game, instead of going via an API such as DirectX 11. This means a faster experience in games like BF4 and some other upcoming titles. On the other hand, as mentioned before, nVidia generally have better and more stable drivers. nVidia are also releasing shadowplay later this year which will be quite a cool feature. So if you're ready to play top dollar, I'd go with nVidia. However, if you are on budget, (especially if you are looking to play BF4) I'd go with AMD.
  4. ^ exactly, I would wait for the gtx 770 TI though my brother, I would save up enough to buy it for around 450 % cause it's going to be a gap filler between the gtx 780 and 770 non TI, in which some 770's can OC to a 780....
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