Help chosing graphics card - crossfire with old AMD or change to Nvidia?

Hi all!

Right now I have a 550 W (but 5 years old) PSU, Ati Radeon HD 5750 graphics card, 8 GB RAM and an AMD FX8350 CPU. It feels like it's time for me to change my GPU (and possibly PSU) but I need help doing this as I know little of the cards currently available or what is important when chosing a card. My budget is around 360 dollars but I can go up to 440 if that will be absolutely necessery to get a good deal. I hear AMD is releasing new cards later this year and I am wondering if I gain anything by waiting (maybe Nvidia lowers their prices for competition?) or if I can get a pretty good card now for the money.

With that I mean I should be able to play with very high graphics on most games in the beginning and high for at least 2 years. I play both mainstream FPS shooters and strategy like RTW II. Should I use crossfire with my old card or is Nvidia the superior choice so much that I should ditch it? I think my motherboard is Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3.

Any suggestions? :)
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  1. with your budget HD7970 the PSU should be good enough if quality unit.
    No CF with your current card.
    It is possible that GTX770 will see lowered prices and currently you can get few for less than $400.
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    I would get a R9-280x for $300 and a good 850w PSU(enough to power for a 2nd down the road). The 280x should be out soon(10/11/13 from what i can find), and here is my suggestion for a PSU
  3. Thanks for fast replies. I think I will go with the R9-280x and maybe the PSU you recommended.
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