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I am de-virusing a clients compunter, he got the 'Department of Justice' screen lock virus.. I'm following the Hitman-pro anti-malware and created a usb bootable.. however my laptop is 64 bit win 7.. he's running a 32 bit win xp.. How do i install the 32 bit program on the flash drive to get his to boot from it? Aside from buying a 32 bit machine
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  1. If you're creating a boot device for virus eradication, his OS shouldn't matter. You're booting the hardware from the USB, not booting his OS from the USB.
  2. I included the OS just because.. my issue is I cannot install and run the 32bit software on my 64bit machine. I need the 32bit to de-virus the 32bit machine I'm working on.
  3. 64-bit Windows will run 32-bit code just fine. The only issue is that if that 32-bit software contains any 16-bit legacy code it won't run.
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    I'm still not seeing the issue.
    You using the Hitman-Pro KicKStart?

    It is its own OS. You boot from the flash drive, and it does its thing. The target OS is of little concern.

    Download the file "HitmanPro 3.7 with Kickstart"
    Create the boot flash drive as per the instruction on page 7 of the users manual. Power down the affected PC. Insert the drive. Boot and see what happens.
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