How Do I Clean a Custom Built Computer

I noticed the dust has accumulated within the past couple of months. I wiped out certain areas and avoided the parts inside. But for some reason the computer just seems to be attracted more dirt than ever.

Is there a certain way to completely clean and clear the computer of dust, and prevent dust from building up in it.
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  1. a can of compressed air can be purchased at any computer shop or office supply store. take the covers off and blow out fans,heat sinks etc. this is best done sense choking on minimize dust buildup you can get filters to hang on your air intakes. i use vacuum cleaner filters.
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    dust filters on INTAKE fans make a world of difference. If your case doesnt have these built in, then you need to screw them onto the fans... and clean them every few months. not exactly hard, just a pain.

    some sort of vacuum attachment to suck out loose dust is fine.

    canned air is fine, but when blowing out fans, hold the fan blade with your finger to prevent them from spinning. you can damage the bearings inside if the air spins them faster than they're meant to spin.
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