Windows 8.1 Clean Installation Possible???

Hi everyone,
I have a question regarding Windows 8.1. Actually I purchased Windows 8 Pro last year. But there were some software compatibility issues with windows 8. So i had to go back to Windows 7 again. But as you know well that Windows 8.1 is coming & it's free for Windows 8 users as update. I wanna ask that can I download it separately from Microsoft and have a clean installation or every time i will have to install the windows 8 & then update it to 8.1??????
Please help....Thanks
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  1. Unknown if a current Win8 owner can get a clean install of 8.1. The general flow would be an upgrade from Win8.

    I say wait a couple of weeks and see. Someone will either have done it (with instructions), or proved it can't be done.
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