Please help me get my DDR3 1600mhz to 2133mhz...if it's possible

So i feel that with my new setup (Maximus VI Hero 1150, 4770k, etc.) the Kingston HyperX memory is holding me back. It seems like most people running Haswell setups are running at minimum 2000mhz memory. Is 1600mhz DDR3 holding me back? Either way i've seen/heard of guys overclocking their memory from 1600mhz all the way to 2133mhz...sometimes even higher.
Now i'm assuming that i would have to first play around with the timings and set the memory frequency to a higher number in bios? Someone told me that the first number should try to be higher and the last 3 number should be lower. I'm not sure if that's correct or not. The HyperX memory i have didn't come with latency numbers so i'm running it at 8-8-8-24-1 right now and it seems to work fine. It got a 7.8 in Windows Index. But i know it's capable of more. Isn't that why these things are built with heatsinks? Any input is appreciated. Thanks, Jeff.
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  1. It really doesn't matter. it doesn't effect much. It just risks damaging your RAM.
    My advice - leave it.
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    What set of DRAM do you have (the model #), it may well be possible, if the sticks are good 1600 sticks, chances aren't real good for 2133 (maybe though) but 1866 is highly possible...and NO it's not going to damage anything if it's a good set.....
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