Stick with i5 2500K or move to i7 4770K?

Hi guys, I'm not a computer whizz so I apologise if I sound like a PC 'noob'. I currently have a i5 2500K with a crappy GTX 460 and as you would expect my pc struggled with BF3 on high settings. I'm thinking of either upgrading my card to a GTX680 and keeping the i5 or alternatively getting a whole new rig with the i7 4770K, GTX680 and all the other bits to go with it. Ideally I would like to save the £'s and just upgrade the card and stick with i5 but is this going to be a significant boost or am I prolonging the inevitable??

Thanks in advance
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  1. The 2500K is still strong and you gain most from GPU upgrade.
  2. The card will help a lot more in game then getting a new cpu. If your looking to get higher fps get the gpu
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    Go with a new card first then save up for the other stuff later. You can always transplant the new card to the new mobo/cpu combo when you get them later. You would see the most immediate improvement with the card.
  4. The 2500K is still a top tier gaming CPU. The GTX 680 has been replaced by the faster, cheaper GTX 770. I would just get a GTX 770.,3106-5.html

    I have a 2600K and a GTX 460 1GB. It was a great card but the new games of the past year are really too much for it. I plan on getting probably a GTX 780 next month. I have no plans to upgrade my CPU though.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys!! I'll be taking your advice and only upgrading the GPU.
  6. If you plan gaming Go for i5
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