Asus P9X79 BIOS Version Compatibility with Intel Core i7 4820K - Need Clarification

I am preparing for my first computer build and wanted to clear up some confusion I had about this motherboard and the CPU in regards to the BIOS version required. Ultimately I'm hoping I don't have to go through the process of flashing the BIOS (however with the Asus P9X79 it includes a much easier way of doing this via the USB Flashback feature). I don't have a problem assembling the hardware, it's just the BIOS settings and version compatibility that is getting me paranoid.

ASUS P9X79 LE LGA 2011 Intel X79 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard with USB BIOS

Purchased at:

Intel Core i7-4820K Ivy Bridge-E 3.7GHz (Turbo 3.9GHz) LGA 2011 130W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80633i74820K

Purchased at:

According to Asus, the latest BIOS version is 4302 which was installed on this model of motherboard as of 9/2/13.

I purchased this board on 9.26.13 so I'm not sure if it does have the latest BIOS on here.

When I check the board there is no sticker which marks the latest bios installed. However, there is a white printed bar underneath the BIOS label on the board which is bar coded and has a series of numbers. The last four digits of this number are 4005. Does this refer to the latest BIOS installed?

If so, will I run into problems assuming my board BIOS version is less than the latest 4302 version?

Will I ruin anything by booting up with the factory installed BIOS using this processor?

From Asus Support:,%20L3:10M,%204C,%20HT,%20130W,%20rev.S1%29&pcb=ALL&sincebios=4210&memo=

On this support page, the Core i7-4820K is listed in the CPU compatibility as the following:
Since PCB = "ALL"
Since BIOS= "4210"

I was hoping I could just install the processor on to the board, turn the computer on, and go from there. However, I'm wondering now if I'll have to download the latest 4302 version and then flash the board.

If I flash the board, I take it's just a matter of building the computer, powering on, and then using the flashback feature to update the bios with the 4302 BIOS version using a USB drive? Is it that simple?

Regardless I'm hoping I don't have to and need clarification.

Thank you in advance.
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    well, 4005 is a past BIOS version, may want to check w/ Asus, they have a rep here, raja@asus think he's normally in business hours UK time
  2. Thanks Tradesman1 I'll email him right now.
  3. PM, that's his screen name here
  4. I'm sorry I'm a bit new to these forums - his PM is raja@asus or just raja?
  5. raja@asus
  6. Ok thanks I'll reach out to him
  7. Proton I am not sure if you have already moved forward but perhaps my new post here will save you the 10 hrs i spent today with Asus with no result. I have the same board, CPU and the newer v4407 bios which still has issues. Your MB CPU combo will most likely NOT post until you do the USB Flashback. I did that prior to loading the OS and ended up in Windows BUT...with a big problem in Device Manger. See my post below feel free to reply. I have a case open with Asus now and received a reply this evening with things i will try tomorrow.

    See my post below for details of the issue.
  8. NTIGeek, thanks for the heads up. I already completed the build last weekend. Funny you should mention device manager. After updating the BIOS to 4302 everything ran fine accept one issue - It boots to windows and works fine, however I would get this single error message upon entering windows:

    asus setup can't find target .ini: D:\drivers\chipset\driver\chipset\asussetup_hotfix.ini

    I would hit "ok" and then get a windows message saying the program did not start properly. It would ask me to close program or troubleshoot the issue. When selecting troubleshoot, nothing happens.

    So I chatted with support on this and they advised to update the following drivers:

    Under Chipset: Beta Version and Version

    For Audio: Version

    For LAN Driver: Version, Version 7.67

    For USB: Version

    For SATA: Version

    I went ahead and updated them but still receive the error message upon windows startup. I'm away from my computer right now but I will double check device manager tomorrow and let you know if the bangs were resolved. If not, looks like I have to call in to Asus as well.

    Regardless, all of my devices seem to operate fine - USB, SSD, Hard Drive, Realtek Audio, etc.
  9. Proton i will be interested to know what YOUR device manager shows. Also what version bios are you on now?

    Here is the email i got tonight after a long frustrating day i will try again tomorrow.
    Per our PM,
    You might need two driver packages...
    1.) Intel® Chipset Device Software...from the Intel website

    2.) Intel(R) Management Engine Interface for Windows Vista/7/8 32bit & 64bit.(WHQL)...from the Asus Website for P9X79 LE
    in case (1.) Just download the zip file, unpack it and point to the folder location when updating the driver via device manager ("Browse my computer for driver software")

    in case (2.) The above procedure doesn't work with this one. You have to install the MEI via setup.exe.

    10.15.13 UPDATE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    I applied the 2 fixes above per helped but not all the way. Got rid of all bangs except for one BASE SYSTEM DEVICE item and High Def Audio so 2 items with bangs remain. I updated the audio drivers from Asus site no go.

    Any suggestions anyone...Asus pop your head in here that would be nice. Great board but way too much work to have to MAKE it work on a GEN 3 processor. What about Gen 4?
  10. No problem I'll let you know first thing asap. I did have problems installing one of the drivers but I have to double check which one. I am currently on version 4302. The board was originally installed and labeled with 4005. I actually don't remember having this warning message issue until I went ahead and installed the software from the asus motherboard CD. I googled the error message and a few people were talking about disabling certain asus services as a workaround (with mixed success).
  11. NTGeek - terribly sorry for the delay. I checked device manager and it looks like no more bangs. However, I still receive the error message upon startup. I have to contact Asus support to figure out what to do next.
  12. Proton
    I have spent last 3 days with Asus engineer, after leaving all support reps scratching their head. We got past the dev man bangs but now we have no AUDIO. Ended up where we are pulling the plug on this board and moving to the new X79 DELUXE which is made for Ivy Bridge CPUs out of the gate. $100 more for the board but i have wasted 10 times that in my time already.

    I will let you know how that goes, i have 2 of them arriving overnight tomorrow.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that - frustrating to say the least. I was actually going to order the deluxe, but went with the LE instead. With device manager, was it just a matter of updating drivers?
  14. See this page i posted on my site today will full details and step by step. .
    Hope is saves someone the frustration that I have experienced.
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