Building a gaming PC - £900 budget.

Hey all,

I'm looking into building a gaming PC. I previously built one 2 years ago, and i'm now looking to build a second one (sold the last one). I've done some research, and have come up with this build which is around my budget of £900 maximum. I'm from the UK.

I'm aiming to purchase it within the next month. I'm unsure as to whether i'll overclock the CPU, currently with this build overclocking wont be possible. I may overclock the GPU.

Processor - Intel Core i5 4670 (stock cooler)
Motherboard - ASRock H87 PRO4
Hard drive - Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black
Ram - Corsair Vengeance Pro 1600Mhz - 8GB. (CMY8GX3M2A1600C9)
Graphics card - MSI HD7950 TwinFrozr OC Boost Edition
Power supply - Corsair Gaming Series 2013 Edition GS 700W
Case - Cooler Master Elite 334U (not looking for a flashy case, will be sat under a desk)
Monitor - Undecided, any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Mouse - Logitech G500s
Keyboard - Again, undecided. Unsure of reputable, quality brands.

So I guess my question is - does this look like a solid build? I'm typically going to be playing games like Battlefield 3, CoD Black Ops 2, The Witcher 2 etc etc, maybe WoW. Does this build look as if it'll play upcoming releases at 60+ FPS, high/ultra settings, AA on?

Edit: I purchased an OEM windows 7 home premium key (stupidly didn't research the key type), will research this properly.
I also have decided on a optical drive, and a wireless card (300Mb/s).

Any advice or alterations you recommend will help greatly.

Thanks all!
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    Build looks pretty sound. If you want to make a few cuts for budget purposes without losing performance I have a few. 1. Get the i5-4570 ($20 cheaper and performs almost the same as the i5-4670), 2. Get a 1tb WD cavier blue instead of black and save another $20, 3. Get a lower watt psu since 700watt is overkill for your system and save an extra $40 by getting this one (equally as good), 4. for the monitor choice I would personally suggest getting the asus vn247-p 23"3 (1080p). It has great response time, contrast ratio, etc and is good for everyday use/gaming (btw I own one and its really nice). With all the cuts I made you save around $80 bucks which you could either safe or put into something else (maybe an ssd).

    Hope some of that helped!
  2. For KB, I would recommend Razer's black widow 2013. Now I know Razer gets a ton of hate, and I dislike a lot of their products too, but this KB is solid. It is more expensive than its competitors which I can't speak for, but my point is even razer haters love the black widow when they try it. (My friend hates razer so much he got the KB, but refuses to use the macro program for it).

    Ofc there are other brands which others can recommend I'm sure.

    Your PSU is overkill, use this calculator:

    Now if you're not sure do click the blue small numbers to get more info on that website.

    I would also recommend getting an SSD, in terms of boot times they make a noticeable difference, however the best thing about an SSD is the thing that you never hear others mention.
    When you load up a HDD, you have to wait for steam to launch, sign you in, then skype to launch, sign you in etc etc you have to wait for dozens of programs to launch before you can click on your browser and even then you have to wait for that to launch.

    On an SSD that's not a problem, if you login, click your browser, and it'll launch at the same time every other program does, which is really fast; and you can get back to using your computer in a second or two.

    As for your GPU, it'll many games above 60 FPS, it may be around 40-60FPS on a game like Crysis 3 though. I'm talking about 1080P single monitor set ups too. Also get a motherboard that has a socket for a second GPU, as you may want to add another in the future, which may end up costing you less than a GPU that runs at the speed of two 7950's.

    For the monitor, I can't say much more than 120hz 1080p 24 inch. If you wanted an active 3D, I've got the BenQ 2420XL TX model, and it's a big pain in the ass. Personally I'd recommend you stay away from this monitor, as I've gone through one T model, and on my second TX model.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, was a big help. I went for a BenQ 2460 24" monitor, and took all of TBC1's advice, saved me a decent amount of money! All in it cost me just over £800!
  4. Verkz said:
    Thanks for the replies guys, was a big help. I went for a BenQ 2460 24" monitor, and took all of TBC1's advice, saved me a decent amount of money! All in it cost me just over £800!

    Nice! glad I could help!
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