Hard drive clicking but not dead yet

OK so my hardrive has been making the "click of death" for the past 2 months. When It first started I thought it was all over and I had to get a new drive but it just kept going. It usually only happens when its under some stress, like say installing a new application. Sometimes it happens once or twice and sometimes it clicks 20 times in a row.

Has anyone else have their hard drive click for this long?

Also smart doesnt seem to be picking up anything, I just get a Low risk "critical event"

Volsnap event ID 33
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  1. you know how to make it wear out faster by running defrag and full virus/malware scan.
  2. are you trying to say doing those things makes the drive degrade faster?
  3. I thought that what you are asking for. Or just replace it already.
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    Some Seagates click a lot and they have realeased firmware to help with that.
    If yours is a Seagate please check here:
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