What Ram speeds?

I wanted to know if I should go with 1866, 1600, 2133 mhz, I probably should mention that im going to use integrated graphics,
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  1. the highest that your mobo is capable of.
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    I think you also have another thread kind of like this.
    However, here's what I answered on that thread.

    "If you are going to use your rig mostly for gaming, 1600 is more than enough.
    You won't really see or notice real world gaming difference between 1600 and 2400 with a 770 GPU in gaming.
    Unless you are going to use it for benchmarking purposes, then you will notice the differences in numbers.
    If you are going to use the integrated graphics, then maybe you'll notice 1-3% difference.
    I would suggest to focus on the size of the RAM and/or the CL instead of the frequency for gaming. "
  3. Depends on mob/CPU or in particular if you have an APU - those thrive on fast DRAM
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