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So i have bad interference problems on my computer in the basement. Would the latest gens of powerline networking be a better solution. Are they able to handle a 35 up and 15 down internet connection?
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  2. So from what i am looking at they seem good. I usually have good speed but sometimes i randomly get ping spikes and slow speeds. Are there any recommended brands? What are the cons?
  3. I don't have any direct experience so can't help you there (there were recommendations in the article).

    I've been looking at them for a while but never pulled the trigger. If I did, would get whichever one they recommended within my price range.
  4. Well I just ordered the tplink 500 mpbs model I hope it goes well. Thanks for your help
  5. Sorry all I gave was a link :) but, hope it meets your needs! Please post back with thoughts after u use it.
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