Build a gaming PC on a SMALL CASE

Ok I decided myself! Ahhahaah no alienware shit thanks bro! But I will go with the gtx 780 , i7-4780k or 4930k , 32 gb RAM, water cooling for the cpu , 2tb and 2x128gb SSD (samsung) using raid0.
Will this all fit in the prodigy? And how it would be for future upgradeability since I'm NEVER going to use sli because I dont need that much of performance.
One thing that I'm worried is the MOBO, because the prodigy only fits micro MOBOs right? Isnt this a bad thing? Will it support 32gb RAM? Will It be good for future upgrades, or should I just go for a mid tower case? And one more thing , if U can do a better buildingg without spending much more, I would be VERY thankfull!!! And should I go for the i7-4770k or the 4930k?
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    I don't think 2 SSD in a raid 0 is a good idea.
    Maybe a 1x 128gb SSD with 2x 1TB HD in RAID 0.
    Even better, a larger SSD, 256gb for in previews reviews, the larger the SSD, the better of its performance.
    You will notice little to no difference between 2x 128GB SSD in RAID 0 vs a single 256GB one and the chance of losing data is a lot higher.

    Also, I don't know much about the case that you're going to use, but make sure that it can fit the GTX 780 at least.
    And also, don't skimp on the power supply.
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