hd7750 1gb ddr3 vs hd7730 1gb gddr5

hi, Im new to amd GPUs
can you help me which one is better, hd7750 1gb ddr3(powercolor) or the new hd7730 1gb gddr5(sapphire)

pls dont suggest hd7750 1gb gddr5 or better, my money is enough to buy any of those two i mentioned, so just the two cards above, thanks Godbless
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    If it is just those two, take the DDR5 model 7730. It has technically twice as much memory as the DDR3 model, and is by one of the best if not the best makers of amd cards.
  2. I'm going to annoy you and suggest the GDDR5 7750.

    Since its a low end card with very low power draw it doesn't matter what cooler you have, but the memory speed makes a huge difference in how fast it is, buying a GDDR3 card isn't a very good choice, and really I can't even find any 7750 GDDR3's that are less money than that.
  3. hey thenks for the comply..

    yah, i did make a research,. sapphire rocks! and powercolor has many issues on their cooler,
    but will the hd7730(gddr5) can beat the hd7750(ddr3) ? even it has lower stream processor than hd 7750 ?
  4. @cookybiscuit

    cant afford that 7750gddr5(His), its overpriced here in my country, we dont have newegg and amazon,
  5. Now that is a closer call, it SHOULD beat it overall as its Vram is needed alot more than the stream is, but it might not. Overall I would say the DDR5 is better off. My 7750 2GB DDR3 holds its own, so the 7730 1gb should do better.
  6. ok thanks a lot man ,now im gonna go for the 7730 gddr5..
  7. Sounds good.
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