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Rendering 3DS Max with core i7 vs Xeon 2 processor

October 9, 2013 10:03:42 PM

Hi all,

I have 2 CPU for rendering purpose with 3DS Max 2012.
1. Core i7 with RAM 20GB, VGA 1GB Ati Radeon, HDD 1TB, and Win7 Ultimate 64 bit.
2. 2x Xeon 6 core E5-2640 with 64GB RAM, VGA nVidia Quadro 2GB, 2x 2TB HDD, and Win7 Ultimate 64 bit.
After I test run for rendering (same file with size around 200MB), core i7 finish in 15 minutes and 2x Xeon finish in 11 minutes, have 4 minutes difference.

I have read all post in forum about performance differences between core i7 and Xeon but all are too general and didn't mention maximum difference of their performance. So I want to ask some question that are still bugging me.

My questions are:
1. With 4 minutes difference (around 30%), is this the best performance that I can get from 2x Xeon processor for rendering? If not, what is the max performance differences between the i7 and 2x Xeon on rendering in percent?
2. Is 3DS Max support multi processor? If yes, do I need specific configuration on the software (3DS Max) so it can take all my CPU source (processor, RAM, and VGA)?
3. Is the VGA also improve rendering speed? If not, why?
4. Should I change my RAM for my Xeon from non ECC to ECC? And will it effect on rendering too?

I just spend big investment on the Xeon so I can reduce rendering time and can efficiently doing more process on it. So I want maximum performance from it.

I also considering to use other programs like Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Maya on the Xeon. If I use many programs and rendering at the same time, will they reduce my PC performance in rendering like need more time to finish?

In advance, thank you for all help.